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About the Felician Sisters

Maryville Retreat Center is sponsored and managed by the Felician Sisters of North America, a joy-filled congregation of women religious inspired by the spiritual ideals of their Foundress, Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska and Saint Francis of Assisi.

As a Franciscan community, the Felician Sisters are consecrated to God through the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. Devoted to the Blessed Mother and centered in the Eucharist, the Sisters are a contemplative-active community — their prayer life nurtures, energizes, and guides them to actively serve the needs of all God’s people in an array of diverse and far-reaching ministries.

Franciscan Spirituality reflects the humble call of Saint Francis of Assisi to live in simplicity, humility, service, and reverence for all God’s creation. It is centered on four fundamental Franciscan values: minority—serving among and standing in solidarity with the poor and oppressed; prayer — from which all service flows; poverty— to live in simplicity, humility and self-denial; and conversion—a turning to God in heart, mind and spirit. St. Francis called upon his followers to live the Gospel message, compassionately care for and serve the poor and marginalized and remain always open to a life of continual conversion.

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